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Quantitative Approach

Your goal is to multiply your profits.
We pay it our undivided attention.

With quantitative securities concepts, you can maintain investment transparency despite the complex markets. You can also rely on our professional risk management.

Systematic investing
pays off in volatile markets


Whereas the human capacity for handling data is limited, a purely quantitative investment process makes it possible to capture and analyse the flood of market information, thus generating dependable models for systematic investment decisions. In addition to performance, the key factor is reliable risk management in order to avoid high levels of absolute risk.


We meet our investors’ need for safety with professional risk management, which forms an integral part of all our quantitative strategies.


Quantitative fund management manages over

300 mutual and institutional funds.


More than EUR 47 billion in assets under management.


Investment approach


  • Extensive research is the basis for devising strategies and proprietary forecasting and risk models
  • Existing processes are continuously optimised by means of permanent monitoring of performance and risk parameters
  • The model’s results are carefully verified under changing market conditions

"Our forecasts and investment decisions are based on proven mathematical models, which our experts are constantly refining."

Ulrich Neugebauer, Ph.D.

Head of Quantitative Fund Management & ETF

Managing Director of Deka Investment GmbH

Product range
Varied products with distinct strengths


Common to all quantitative investment strategies are a transparent investment process and integrated risk management. The modular design of the products enables flexible solutions that are precisely tailored to your individual risk-return profile.

Quantitative/Alternative fund management: Select concepts

Source: DekaBank


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