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You focus on sustainability.
We focus on ideas with a future.

Sustainability is more than just a value to you. We offer investment concepts with a future – for society and your investment needs.

Sustainability is not a temporary trend, but instead a long-term investment opportunity. Sustainability factors are already being used today in addition to risk, return and liquidity when making investment decisions. After all, investment concepts like these create new opportunities for growth and capital appreciation for institutional investors. Many studies have shown that return and sustainability are a good combination: Social, ethical and environmental investments achieve long-term performance that is better, or at least as good as, traditional portfolios.


Comprehensive advisory services for sustainable investing

The reasons for responsible investing are as varied as investors themselves. Investors who want to use a sustainable investment strategy should therefore seek the advice of experienced experts. Deka provides comprehensive advisory services to help you, for example, define custom sustainability criteria, specify an investment universe, or optimise existing portfolios, and will also help you find appropriate ways to implement them.


Individualised advice is provided to develop custom-tailored solutions that allow institutional investors to take advantage of opportunities over the long term. The key factors in choosing a sustainable portfolio are the investor’s own self-image and the degree to which he wants to follow a sustainable approach. If desired, sustainability can be made the top priority – from advice on portfolio allocations and management, all the way to reporting.

Sustainability experts at Deka Institutionell

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"We feel we have been successful when we convince a client that sustainable investing is a good thing and can provide good performance."

Marianne Ullrich

Sustainable Security Funds

Sustainable portfolios

Deka representatives help clients along the path from client requirements to detailed investment criteria and their implementation in a portfolio. A team of experienced experts – from client advisors and sustainability experts, all the way to portfolio managers – assist clients in all areas and develop custom-tailored concepts.


Although there is no standard recipe for designing sustainable portfolios, certain exclusions are often mentioned.




Sustainable investment concepts.

Equiety funds.

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Balanced funds.
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Bond funds.

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Deka Investment GmbH has signed the European Transparency Code for Sustainability Funds for all funds.
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Deka: a true example of sustainability

  • In 2012, Deka was one of the first German investment companies to become a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI), thereby demonstrating its commitment to act in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.
  • Deka Investment GmbH manages EUR 1,346.24 million in sustainable mutual funds and EUR 168.48 million in institutional mandates and institutional funds.
  • Independent rating agencies also assess DekaBank’s sustainability performance once a year, based on clear, comparable standards. The table below shows its above-average positive sustainability rankings:

Sustainability ratings of DekaBank

As of 2019, Deka received an MSCI ESG Rating of AA*


2017 AA
2018 AA
2019 AA

C+ (prime) „Industry Leader“


2018 C+
2019 C+
2020 C+

Sustainability Rating:

Positive BB


Positive BBB

Öffentliche Pfandbreife:

Positive BBB


2018 B
2019 BB
2020 BB

83 (# 11 / 332) „Leader“


2013 66
2015 73
2017 83



* THE USE BY DekaBank Deutsche Girozenrale (“Deka”) OF ANY MSCI ESG RESEARCH LLC OR ITS AFFILIATES (“MSCI”) DATA, AND THE USE OF MSCI LOGOS, TRADEMARKS, SERVICE MARKS OR INDEX NAMES HEREIN, DO NOT CONSTITUTE A SPONSORSHIP, ENDORSEMENT, RECOMMENDATION, OR PROMOTION OF Deka BY MSCI. MSCI SERVICES AND DATA ARE THE PROPERTY OF MSCI OR ITS INFORMATION PROVIDERS, AND ARE PROVIDED ‘AS-IS’ AND WITHOUT WARRANTY. MSCI NAMES AND LOGOS ARE TRADEMARKS OR SERVICE MARKS OF MSCI. Stand der Nachhaltigkeitsratings gem. der jeweiligen Ratingberichte: MSCI: 26.08.2019; ISS-ESG: 22.06.2020; imug rating: 03.03.2020 (*Sustainability Rating: positive (BB); Mortgage Covered Bonds: positive (BBB); Public Sector Covered Bonds: positive (BBB)) Sustainalytics: 12.10.2017 (update 2020 in Umsetzung)

More information about DekaBank as a sustainable company can be found here: www.deka.de


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