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Real Estate Concepts

You build on stability.
We lay solid foundations.

As a leading asset manager, we offer you a wide range of products and tailor-made real estate investments.

Experience and commitment

DekaBank established the first open real estate Spezialfonds in Germany in 1976. As the largest German provider of open real estate funds, we offer our investors global access to attractive investments in various real estate classes; in particular, office, retail, hotel and logistics. Through our continuous maintenance, modernisation and property marketing measures, we provide our real estate investors with long-term value retention and appreciation.


More than 522 buildings are successfully supported by our Real Estate Management.


Approximately 40 billion euros in fund assets are managed by Deka Immobilien and WestInvest.




"We provide access to attractive real estate investments around the world. Trust the expertise of the German market leader in open real estate mutual funds and a leading provider of Spezialfonds and customised solutions for institutional investors."

Mark Wolter, MRICS

Head of Real Estate Fund Management – Institutional Clients

Deka Immobilien

Source: DekaBank

Individual real estate concepts and exemplary products

Our product range includes real estate Spezialfonds, open real estate mutual funds and individual fund solutions that can be tailored to the specific requirements of institutional investors. We are able to manage the entire organisational and financial execution on your behalf, drawing on our experts in real estate, tax and corporate law.


WestInvest ImmoValue

WestInvest ImmoValue is a mutual fund with an investment focus on European office properties.


WestInvest ImmoValue is a portfolio of select real estate sites in Europe’s metropolitan areas providing a good yield. Approximately 40% of the properties are located in Germany, with the remaining 60% in other European countries. The target investments are high-quality office properties in established locations. The fund concept allows for properties to be financed, in part, through borrowing to increase returns.

WestInvest TargetSelect series

WestInvest TargetSelect is a series of single-sector funds that invest solely in retail, hotel and logistics properties, respectively.


WestInvest TargetSelect Hotel invests in hotel real estate in cities with a balanced mix of business clients and tourists. Hotel investments feature stable and sustainable cash flows generally for at least 15 years due to very long lease agreements. This helps smooth over and compensate for market fluctuations.

WestInvest TargetSelect Logistics
invests in logistics real estate at major traffic nodes in economically strong regions. Given their shorter useful life, logistics properties have flat or even declining asset values as compared to other real estate sectors, but, by way of compensation, they feature higher cash flows. The long-term return on investment of individual logistics properties has been significantly higher than for office space.
WestInvest TargetSelect Shopping invests in retail real estate within Europe. There are also plans to go global in the future. We focus upon locations catering to the wider geographic region, and the main decision criteria are central location and high purchasing power. Given the wide variety of retail concepts, the fund concentrates on three types of property: top inner city locations, shopping centres and speciality stores.

Domus-Deutschland-Fonds. Nr. 2

Domus-Deutschland-Fonds. Nr. 2 is a real estate fund that serves as a basic real estate investment for institutional investors.


The successor product to Domus-Deutschland Fonds, which is already fully placed, it draws the maximum benefit for investors from Germany’s economic strength. The fund uses diversification to exploit market opportunities for office, retail, logistics and hotel real estate in Germany and combines a stable earnings outlook with limited correlation with other asset classes.


It aims to raise capital of at least EUR 375 million. The fund management team will use the capital to create a portfolio of 15 to 20 properties featuring broad diversification in terms of both sector and region. As with the predecessor fund, the investment strategy focuses first of all on core real estate, i.e. high-quality buildings in prime locations with long-term leases and tenants with strong credit ratings, and secondly on core+ real estate, as well as a small proportion of value-add real estate offering potential for increases in value through active tenant and asset management. This latter category includes buildings that offer development potential due to vacancy levels or lower quality. In addition, investors who opt for this fund also benefit from systematic liquidity management and comprehensive and transparent reporting.


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Real estate funds of funds

Commercial properties in top locations generally offer reliable long-term leasing and therefore stable performance and returns.


They provide an attractive option for real estate investment, and are used by Deka's distribution-oriented real estate funds of funds that invest in real estate funds with different commercial usage types.


Deka-Immobilien StrategieInstitutionell


Investments by Deka-Immobilien StrategieInstitutionell are broadly diversified across other real estate funds, thus adding value to the sum of the parts.


Deka-Immobilien StrategieInstitutionell is a fund-of-funds investing in the real estate funds of the DekaBank Group. Target funds are primarily WestInvest ImmoValue and funds of the WestInvest TargetSelect series (hotels, logistics and shopping) at the present time.

Allocation to other real estate funds of the Deka Group is possible in future. The most important commercial types of real estate – office, logistics, hotel and retail – can be combined within one fund-of-funds for a minimum investment of 500,000 euros. This provides you with a broadly diversified and well-balanced investment.


Deka-Immobilien Manager Selektion Europa


With Deka-Immobilien Manager Selektion Europa, we offer a pan-European core/core+ real estate fund of funds and a real-estate umbrella fund. It invests in selected target funds from leading real estate managers with a focus on the office, retail, logistics and hotel segments.


The structure of the fund of funds provides investors with a high level of diversification across sectors, countries, properties and strategies for investment amounts of EUR 1 million or more. Access to external “best-in-class initiators” allows investors to get to know a variety of managers better with just one investment.


The focus in terms of usage types is on office, retail, logistics and hotel properties, and the investment focus is on European core markets.


Deka Immobilien Fonds Selektion Europa


The strategy of the Deka-Immobilien Fonds Selektion Europa is based on that of the Deka-Immobilien Manager Selektion Europa, which is already well established. With a minimum investment amount of EUR 200 thousand, the fund now also allows semi-professional investors and smaller institutional investors to participate in a fund of funds with best-in-class initiators.

Custom-tailored individual real estate funds

Individual needs require individual solutions, which we provide in the form of real estate institutional funds and custom-tailored individual funds, based on guidelines determined in consultation with institutional investors according to their individual needs and objectives.


Deka Immobilien helps to optimise custom-tailored investment strategies, and ensures that investment decisions are professionally implemented and continuously improved.


Deka institutional fund family.


Institutional funds with a variety of regional and sector investment strategies.


Deka-Immobilien Focus series.


“Club Deal” gives you the opportunity to join a number of other investors to jointly invest in a single property or property portfolio.

Deka Immobilien-Kompass

Use our pooled real estate expertise to choose a real estate strategy targeted to your individual needs.


If you want to invest in the real estate asset class or expand or optimise your existing investments, choose a strong, experienced partner. Take advantage of the unique know-how offered by Deka Immobilien, one of the leading providers in the market. Benefit from the experience of around 500 specialists, an annual transaction volume of approx. EUR 3 billion and an active presence in 26 real estate markets worldwide.


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