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Passive Management

You want investments that just work.
Our index funds do the job.

Participate passively and profit directly in dynamic markets with our individual investment strategies.

Invest passively. Profit actively.

With tailor-made concepts and service in all areas of passive-management strategies we offer our investors exemplary opportunities: as close a fit and an exact and precise replication of market indices as possible or the implementation of clearly defined strategic indices. Through our expert knowledge, experience and precision we ensure that our solutions distinguish themselves in the marketplace with their high quality and performance.

With passive ‚Spezialfonds‘ (special funds) we use our core competencies to design tailor-made solutions together with our clients. Not only are your specific wishes and guidelines incorporated but also particular attention is paid to cost effectiveness and tracking quality.


Deka ETFs are exchange-listed index funds which replicate the corresponding reference index - and hence its performance - with the highest degree of precision. Wherever possible, our ETFs employ full index replication. In contrast to synthetic methods, the securities composing the index are used for tracking purposes. This means optimal transparency and the best tracking quality for our investors.

Numerous investment strategies can be implemented quickly and flexibly using our listed index funds, given the large variety of indices for which we offer Deka ETFs. In addition to this strategic versatility and simple tradability, institutional investors particularly appreciate the low overall costs and the additional layer of protection provided by the investment fund vehicle.


There are around 10 billion euros in assets under management in our business.


Our business manages 44 funds.


employees are employed in our team.

"We not only apply high standards to our ETFs but, particularly with individual mandates, we realise product solutions that follow the principles of the seal of quality that is associated with the statement “Made in Germany”."

Denis Friess

Head of Institutional Quantitative Mandates & ETF

ETFs – Range of Products

Product characteristics:

  • Broad diversification
  • Good liquidity and flexible tradability
  • Low overall cost
  • High tracking quality and transparency
  • Low administration due to customised reporting
  • Funds compliant with the German Capital Investment Code



Overview of Deka ETFs

Source: DekaBank

Equity ETFs

Track well-diversified markets or strategies - with ETFs on share indices characterised by high liquidity and transparency.


Equity ETFs are enjoying growing popularity, especially amongst institutional investors, as they present a cost-effective opportunity to adjust equity exposure quickly and flexibly to current market conditions.

Transparency is another benefit. Unlike the conventional investment funds whose net asset value (NAV) is determined only once a day, the German stock exchange continuously calculates the NAV of our equity ETFs. This enables investors to see at any time whether the price for selling or buying corresponds to the ETF’s fair value.

Product categories:


  • Standard equity ETFs
  • Strategic equity ETFs
  • ETFs on equity short indices

Bond ETFs

ETFs on investment-grade bonds from the Eurozone: for proactive management of issuer and duration risk.


Bond ETFs are well suited to investors with long-term, income-oriented investment objectives and low levels of risk appetite. These instruments have become indispensable as a portfolio optimisation tool for institutional investors. Bond ETFs allow for greater diversification than direct investments. Their return depends solely on the performance of the underlying index. They are also particularly suited for duration management. A stable return in all market phases can be achieved by active maturity management during market corrections. To provide some protection against issuer and currency risk, bond ETFs are invested exclusively in investment-grade bonds from the Eurozone.
Product categories:


  • German government bonds
  • European government bonds
  • Corporate bonds
  • Jumbo covered bonds
  • French government bonds


Rüdiger Daberkow

Rüdiger Daberkow

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Antonio Agostinho

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