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Lending Solutions

You look for better prospects.
We find the right projects.

With our lending solutions, you invest in promising infrastructure projects. You also benefit from our long-standing successful credit and asset management expertise

Invest in loans

Our loan funds offer investors the opportunity to invest in select infrastructure and real estate loans. This allows institutional investors access to a high-quality loan portfolio without having to run their own lending businesses.


Different methods of implementation

We offer institutional investors various ways to invest in real estate and infrastructure loans in the primary and secondary market and ensure the highest standards of credit security and quality. We accompany investors when taking the investment decision and offer support services afterwards.
Different methods of implementation and investment vehicles are available according to specific regulatory requirements and the individual situation of each investor:


Open loan funds

Our product range consists of two funds. The regional focus is in Europe and the USA, investing in typical infrastructure and real estate segments such as transport, energy, utilities and telecommunications.


Individual loan funds

Deka individual loan funds are set up to meet the individual specifications and requirements of the investor. The product is intended for investors who wish to determine the individual composition of the loan portfolio.


Partaker approach

Our loan funds follow the so-called Partaker approach. DekaBank holds a substantial share of the loans purchased by the loan funds until maturity.


Approximately 70 employees work in our loan department.


Deka has more than 25 years of experience in lending.

"Institutional investors want to participate in attractive infrastructure and real estate loans. The solution: put the loan book in a fund vehicle and provide transparent loan exposure. Investors don't need to commit their own resources."

Jeanette Bruns

Head of Fund Management Loan Funds

Deka loan solutions – Your benefits

Source: DekaBank


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Rüdiger Daberkow

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Antonio Agostinho

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