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Capital Market Solutions

You need solid investments.
We offer solutions for fluid capital markets.

Open up new opportunities for returns with tailor-made capital market solutions. Thanks to our comprehensive capital market expertise, you benefit from great know-how and reliability.

Take advantage of opportunities in the capital markets

Our customised products are an ideal way for you to take advantage of the opportunities in the capital markets while adhering to your investment policies. You benefit from the experience and skill of our specialists in money market and bond trading, as well as in the equity and fixed-interest derivative markets. 
As a strong partner with extensive capital market experience, we support you in your decisions on financing and liquidity management, as well as the management of interest rate and balance sheet risks with a high level of reliability and expertise.


Standard & Poor's rating for DekaBank indicate a solid liquidity position and a stable capital base.


As an issuer of public mortgage bonds, DekaBank only issues securities of the highest quality.


DekaBank is the central asset manager for the German Savings Banks Association and is completely aligned with their goals and values.

"Capital market products offer attractive return opportunities, especially in the current environment of low interest rates. Whether managing your financing and liquidity needs, or interest rate and balance sheet risks, we design the right solutions in accordance with your investment policies."

Stefan Hachmeister

Head of Capital Market Business

Below is a selection of our core products. Whichever you choose - plain vanilla or a custom-made investment vehicle - we would be pleased to advise you in person.


Capital market solutions of Deka Institutionell

Source: DekaBank


Rüdiger Daberkow

Rüdiger Daberkow

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Antonio Agostinho

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