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Deka Immobilien-Kompass

You want to invest in real estate.
We offer real opportunities.

With over 50 years of real estate experience, the Deka Immobilien-Kompass is the ideal guide to expand and optimise your real estate investment.

We offer a full range of services for real estate (fund) allocation that can actively help you implement a custom-tailored real estate strategy. These services can be custom-ordered from the following modules:



  1. Advisory Services
  2. Management
  3. Administration


Depending on your requirements, you can select individual service components, or use the entire package.


1. Advisory Services

A careful analysis of your existing portfolio and investment terms provides the foundation for every successful real estate investment. We develop sound recommendations based on the results of this analysis and your individual requests.


We jointly develop a custom real estate strategy with you as the starting point for our activities. Our services in the strategy area:


  • Independent target fund examination
  • Preparation of recommendations or resolution proposals for the investor's boards


Our experience, global network of experts and modern analysis tools help you implement this strategy step-by-step in the form you desire.

2. Management

Whether you want to optimise an existing portfolio or build a new one, Deka Immobilien-Kompass offers custom-tailored solutions.


An investment based on your requirements, with the greatest possible flexibility: a custom-tailored individual fund of funds. Our experts work with you to develop investment solutions that precisely meet your needs, and then implement them using an investment vehicle specially designed for you. We assume full responsibility for managing and administering your investments, all the way from identifying and selecting suitable real estate funds to representing your interests in the investment committees, regardless of whether the funds were newly acquired or previous investments you added to the fund.


In addition to creating custom-tailored individual funds of funds, Deka also offers institutional investors the option of jointly investing in existing concepts with other professional investors. These funds of funds offer a simple, efficient way to invest in a professionally managed, broadly diversified real estate portfolio.



3. Administration

Reduce your administrative workload – bundle your real estate target funds with Deka.


Deka offers professional solutions for professionally establishing and administering your funds, regardless of whether you want to use a real estate master fund to bundle your existing real estate target funds in an institutional fund, or integrate them under a master fund mandate. Deka provides asset servicing for EUR 54 billion in fund assets, making it one of the largest, most experienced providers in Germany today.


 Deka Immobilien-Kompass value added

  • Individual advice and assistance with the selection, reorientation and structuring of your real estate investments
  • Individual assistance and reporting for your real estate investments
  • Management of your real estate fund investments, if desired



Example cases

Deka Immobilien-Kompass can assist with the following matters:



Investor request A:

Investor X has decided to increase its real estate allocation and requires assistance with implementing the change.


Solution process: analyse the existing portfolio to provide investment recommendations

  1. Analyse current investments in the real estate asset class
  2. Take Sparkasse bank investment profile into account
  3. Derive a strategic target portfolio
  4. Select products and asset managers (long list) available in the market
  5. Perform due diligence for the target funds selected
  6. Negotiate with the target fund managers
  7. Coordinate legal and tax examinations
  8. Assist with internal resolution proposals
  9. Assist with subscription
  10. Regular portfolio management advice, including target fund monitoring and reporting


Target allocation of the strategic portfolio include: types of use

Source: DekaBank



Requirements & restrictions

Source: DekaBank

Investor request B:

Investor Y would like to make targeted investments in North American office real estate and is looking for selected real estate funds.


Solution process: Research and examine appropriate real estate funds and provide support before and after the transaction

  1. Perform target fund research
  2. Pepare a list of results
  3. Provide a recommendation for a detailed target fund examination
  4. Commercial, tax and legal due diligence
  5. Combine and evaluate results
  6. Prepare the investment decision
  7. Assist with the transaction
  8. Monitor the target market and segment
  9. Regularly monitor the target fund
  10. Risk analysis
  11. Prepare quarterly and annual reports


Investor request C:

Investor Z is dissatisfied with a fund that was previously subscribed and requires assistance.


Solution process: Assist with consultation with the issuing fund company

  1. Evaluate and examine the fund concerned in detail
  2. Negotiate with the fund provider
  3. Represent the investor at investment committee meetings
  4. Assist with fund provider buy and sell recommendations
  5. If necessary, assist with redemption of the fund and perform research for a new target fund



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