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Traditional Approach

You want to keep your portfolio on track.
We make sure it stays the course.

Our fundamental securities concepts keep you on the right track. Thanks to constant analysis and active fund management, you are in a position to make sound and flexible investment decisions.



Static analytical models lose their value in a market environment characterised by low interest rates and high volatility. Flexibility and the speed at which investment decisions are put into practice become more important, however. Our traditional securities strategies take these new conditions into account. Our active management approach enables us to anticipate trends, react to market changes and make the necessary adjustments at short notice. At the same time, our integrated risk management monitors every stage of the investment process, thus providing an all-round overview of the portfolio’s risk structures.


Traditional fund management manages more than 450 mutual funds and institutional mandates.


More than 100 employees work in traditional fund management.

Investment approach

  • Clear individual responsibility for fund performance and research quality
  • Top-down research at macro and sector level,
    bottom-up research at company level
  • Detailed modelling and comprehensive screening method
  • Integrated multilevel risk management

"The major strength of Deka Institutionell is our combined capital market and fund expertise. This enables us to provide institutional investors with risk-controlled return opportunities in the current low interest rate environment."

Stefan Keitel

Chairman of the Executive Board
of Deka Investment

Product spectrum
Broad range


We have decades of experience in active fund management. Our range of traditional securities strategies is correspondingly varied and includes fixed income, equity and multi-asset class funds.


Traditional fund management

Source: DekaBank


Customised solutions for every risk-return profile can be put together from our broad range of products. Return opportunities can be seized in many different market segments and this diversification reduces investment risk at the same time.


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Antonio Agostinho

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