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Strategic Consulting

You have a clear goal.
We know how to reach it.

Invest with a plan. Our strategy experts and a well-structured process help you to systematically analyse all your assets and implement the right strategic decisions.

Structured processes

Deciding upon a long-term investment strategy is one of the most important and, at the same time, difficult challenges facing institutional investors and savings banks. This is precisely what our consultants have been specialising in since 2003. We follow a structured process to assist institutional investors and savings banks in systematically analysing the risks associated with their liabilities and assets. Furthermore, we support them in understanding the implications of the risks and in implementing strategic decisions.


Our employees in strategic consultancy and analysis have 14 years of experience on average.


Deka has actively provided advice in this business area for 13 years.


We have successfully carried out 300 studies during that time.

"Asset structures must be precisely analysed in order to maximise potential returns."

Christopher Bliemel, CEFA

Head of Strategic Analysis

Optimisation considerations: from current to target portfolio

Source: DekaBank

Strategy analysis

We review your strategic focus in the context of your regulatory backdrop, provide support at every stage of the strategic planning process and highlight various courses of action.


Methodical analyses and relevant evaluations lay the groundwork for an in-depth understanding of your individual risk and asset situation. We assist you with background information and current assessments of the regulatory environment, thereby ensuring that decisions are made on an informed basis.
Primary topics of focus:


  • Optimisation of the risk–return situation
  • Consideration of regulatory aspects
  • Evaluation of market and credit risks
  • Scenario and sensitivity analyses
  • Back-testing and stress tests
  • Implementation approaches

Asset liability management

Identifying critical issues on the liabilities side and improving implementation of investment policy.


In a highly complex and uncertain environment, ongoing consideration of opportunities and risks has become a key determinant of success. Existing balance sheet risks must be checked systematically in light of market developments and constant adjustments must be made. For that reason, the dual perspective of risk assessment and risk-bearing capacity, both periodic to year-end and performance-based, are above all else at the heart of asset liability modelling.

Key questions:


  • How high is my strategic investment risk?
  • How aggressive or defensive is my investment policy?
  • What can I do to improve my overall investment policy?
  • How can risk capital be allocated efficiently and how can appropriate limits be set?
  • How will my balance sheet ratios and key performance indicators develop over the next few years?

Asset allocation consulting

Rigorous implementation of strategic goals with optimised weighting of your assets.


We assist you in reorganising and optimising your assets in line with your risk–return profile.
Based on insights obtained from analysis and using a variety of models, we provide you with sound allocation recommendations and optimise the relationship between the risks taken and the resultant returns. This includes targeted management of assets and liabilities as well as an optimisation of the investment portfolio in light of individual risk capacity and regulatory requirements.

Deka Treasury-Kompass

Relevant topics in treasury management and impetus for proprietary account transactions.


Deka Treasury-Kompass provides participating savings banks with a comparison of relevant key figures from a variety of perspectives (value-based, periodic, balance sheet and regulatory). The comparison is made on a regional and nationwide basis and according to balance sheet size.
A simulation of capital market scenarios provides a guideline for deciding on the positioning of your proprietary assets. In addition, a careful analysis of individual balance sheet ratios and key performance indicators makes it possible to identify the incremental benefit of specific solutions.
The objective is to take the information from Deka Treasury-Kompass and convert this into customised solution-oriented management proposals and/or impetus for proprietary account transactions.


Christopher Bliemel, CEFA

Christopher Bliemel, CEFA

Head of Strategic Analysis

(+49) 69 71 47 - 29 12