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Dear Investor,

Investing in times of historically low interest rates has become an ever greater challenge, making it even more important to have a strong partner who supports you with tailor-made strategies that meet your expectations and your legal requirements. Deka Institutional is DekaBank’s centre of excellence for institutional investors and is well suited for this role. The high quality of our products, services and advisory work form the stable foundation for everything that we do.

Drawing on the high quality demanded by our German clients, our experienced teams advise the full spectrum of institutional investors – from pension funds, corporates and insurers to non-profit and public sector organisations, savings banks and commercial banks. The added value of the Deka Institutional brand lies in the all-round support we provide throughout the entire investment process. In addition to products and services for asset management and asset servicing, we use our expertise in securities, capital markets and real estate to create state-of-the-art products such as flexible company pension plans, risk-controlled capital market investments or sustainability funds.

We deliver our services and solutions to institutional investors in the form of flexible mandates, accompanied by excellent market access and outstanding risk management. As a securities business, we want to be your first point of call when it comes to investing capital. We would be pleased to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,


Michael Rüdiger

Deka Institutional
Challenging Markets – Custom Solutions


Fund and capital market expertise pooled from a single source – that's the strength of Deka Institutional. We use this to provide institutional investors with risk-controlled investment opportunities, even when interest rates are low.

Versatile and dependable

When presumably safe asset classes generate low real returns, investors need alternative income potential to achieve their goals. We provide access to new sources of returns for our investors through individualised consulting and a wide range of fund and capital market strategies. More than 120 employees at Deka Institutional take on the challenge and work continuously to tailor DekaBank's products and advisory services to the requirements of our institutional investors. Over the past several decades, this has enabled us to build a relationship based on trust with savings banks and commercial banks, occupational pension schemes, pension funds, insurers, corporates, non-profit organisations and churches. This trust is reflected in approximately €100 billion of institutional assets under management.


Our fund business has a total volume of more than €283 billion.



Deka Institutional advises some

143 billion euros for professional investors.


The Deka Group currently manages more than 1,000 institutional and mutual funds.


Effectively combining asset management and banking activities

We offer a versatile range of products and services, covering the full scope of institutional asset and liquidity management as well as credit and risk management. By combining services and capabilities including portfolio management, fund administration and capital market expertise under one roof, we are able to develop holistic investment concepts suited precisely to your needs. We also benefit from being part of a large group whose numerous products, knowledge and resources are used fully to your advantage.

Clients are the focus of our attention. We are investing heavily in our market presence to make institutional investors more aware of our comprehensive solution expertise.

Lorne Campbell

Head of Institutional Clients

Our spectrum of products and services

Source: DekaBank

Mandates: Universal Presence

Deka Institutional is well represented amongst all groups of institutional investors, whether they are on a regional, national or international level. This enables us to provide comprehensive advice to our investors and offer them complete solutions. All of our institutional clients benefit from our international reach and the breadth of our experience with demanding mandates.


Wherever you happen to be in Germany, one of our institutional clients is close by. We provide investment guidance to a highly diversified set of clients, ranging from those operating under insurance regulations to public sector entities and private sector businesses, both large and medium-sized.

Our tailored approaches are based on in-depth knowledge of our clients’ tax and regulatory environments.

Michael Stark-Urzendnik

Head of Institutional Investors, Client Services

Savings Banks

Savings Banks are our shareholders and one of the most important groups we serve. Throughout Germany, we provide asset management and other investment services to more than 386 Savings Banks.
Close cooperation between the trading and production units of DekaBank enables us to remain highly flexible and to ensure that our value creation processes meet the specific needs of Savings Bank clients.

Savings banks are both our shareholders and our clients – a unique relationship and the best start for good advice.

Matthias Kowallik

Head of Savings Banks & Financial Institutions


As one of Germany's largest fund managers, we are also a strong and reliable partner for international investors, especially when it comes to European equity and fixed income products. Our primary focus is on Europe, where we have offices in Vienna, Zurich and Milan. From our headquarters in Frankfurt, we also service major international mandates in Japan, the Middle East and other regions.


By combining product quality ‘Made in Germany’ with an international presence, we deliver a convincing value proposition to our institutional clients.

Rüdiger Daberkow

Head of International Institutional Investors


As one of Germany's largest fund managers, we are also a strong and reliable partner for international investors, especially when it comes to European equity and fixed income products. Our primary focus is on Europe, where we have offices in Vienna, Zurich and Milan. From our headquarters in Frankfurt, we also service major international mandates in Japan, the Middle East and other regions.

Tried and Trusted Relationships

Institutional investors value reliability. Membership of Deka Group in the German Savings Banks Group make us a trustworthy partner.

Deka Institutional is the institutional investor specialist within the Deka Group. Integration into one of Europe’s leading securities institutions, with a workforce of some 4,500 people and 283 billion euros of assets under management, means we benefit from the capabilities and wide-ranging skills available throughout the Group. Its many subsidiaries and affiliates give us direct access to numerous resources, products and investment-related services.


The Deka Group employs a total of around

4,500 people. 




The Deka Group manages over 283 billion euros.




As one of the leading German asset managers and fund providers, the Deka Group receives regular acclaim for its services and products. Here is a selection of the awards we currently hold:


Euro Fund Awards 2018: Outstanding individual funds, Source: „www.goldener-Bulle.de“

Lipper Fund Awards 2016:

Outstanding individual funds,
Source: www.lipperfundawards.com


Capital Fonds-Kompass 2016: Top ranking for fund management company: Deka in 2th place. Source: Capital Issue 03/2016


FERI EuroRating Awards:

Best Asset Manager Real

Estate, Source:



Scope Awards: Impressive real estate schemes and successful certificates operation. Source: www.scope-awards.de


DekaBank consistently receives very good ratings from the leading international rating agencies. The long-term unguaranteed ratings given by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s have recently stood at A+ and A1, respectively. Investors who value sustainability will be attracted by the ‘Prime’ status awarded by oekom.



Long-term unguaranteed rating by Standard & Poor’s.



Moody’s rating for
public mortgage bonds.



"Excellent" Management-Rating of FERI EuroRating Services AG.



Status of oekom sustainability rating.

Tradition and Vision



Founding of Deutsche Girozentrale

Deutsche Girozentrale is deeply rooted in the Sparkasse Savings Bank Organisation.



Merging into DekaBank

DekaBank is created from the merger of Deutsche Girozentrale - Deutsche Kommunalbank and DekaBank GmbH.




Deutsche Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH – Deka

The company establishes the first equity fund, DekaFonds, a highly successful fund still managed under this name today.




100 % Savings Bank ownership

After acquiring a 50% stake from the Federal State banks, the German Savings Banks Association becomes the sole owner of DekaBank in 2011.



Active in the fund business

The first bond fund, RenditDeka, and the first Individualfonds, a forerunner of today's Spezialfonds, are both established in the 1960s.



Exchange Traded Funds

DekaBank expands its range of products to include exchange-traded funds (ETFs).




New asset class – real estate

Deutsche Sparkassen-Immobilien-Anlage-Gesellschaft mbH is established. “Despa“ is the predecessor of Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH.




On a path of expansion

Deka increases its stake in WestInvest from 40% to 94.9% and takes over its real estate funds.




Award-winning products

Deka Investment receives 17 awards at the Euro Fund Awards, plus the Golden Bull award as “Achiever of the Year”.




Exceptional quality

Capital awards Deka the title of “Best Fund Company”, highlighting our expertise, experience and consistent customer focus.


Structure of the Deka Group

Source: DekaBank

German Savings Banks Group
A Solid Background


DekaBank is the securities institution for the German Savings Bank Group. This solid anchoring in Europe’s largest finance association provides our bank with a sound foundation.

Structure of the German Savings Banks Group

Source: DekaBank;

German Savings Banks Group protection system

The deposit protection system of the German Savings Bank Financial Group (Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe) protects deposits made with German savings banks (Sparkassen), German state banks (Landesbanken), DekaBank and German state building societies (Landesbausparkassen). The goal of the deposit protection system is to prevent member institutions from encountering financial difficulties. The system accomplishes this by voluntarily protecting institution deposits in accordance with statutory requirements, so that business relationships with clients can continue in accordance with contractual agreements.


The deposit protection system therefore offers clients of the German Savings Bank Financial Group the greatest possible level of security. Since the deposit protection system was established in the 1970s,


  • no clients of member institutions have ever lost their deposits
  • no depositor has ever required compensation; and
  • no member institution has become insolvent.


The deposit protection system also satisfies all the requirements of a statutory deposit protection system. Under the German Deposit Protection Act (Einlagensicherungsgesetz – EinSiG), a statutory deposit protection system provides clients with a possible claim against the protection system for deposits up to EUR 100,000.


The German Savings Bank Financial Group deposit protection system consists, in particular, of a total of 13 deposit protection entities:


  • the eleven regional German savings bank guarantee funds (Sparkassenstützungsfonds);
  • the deposit protection reserve of German state banks (Landesbanken) and central giro institutions (Girozentralen); and
  • the deposit protection fund of German state building societies (Landesbausparkassen).


These deposit protection entities are combined into a deposit protection system that is officially recognised in accordance with § 43 of the German Deposit Protection Act.


The German Savings Banks Group comprises some 600 companies.

2.8 tn

The combined balance sheet of the German Savings Banks Group totals ca. 2.8 trillion euros.

of conviction.


If a bank advises its customers on sustainable investments, it should be well positioned, even with regard to this topic. The leading rating agencies in the field of sustainability - oekom, imug or sustainalytics - rated Deka as above average in this respect.


Sustainable by conviction.

We firmly believe that sustainable action drives our economic performance, creating added value for our owners, customers and employees. In 2012, we signed the United Nations Sustainable and Responsible Investment Principles (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, UN-PRI). With this agreement, we commit ourselves to act responsibly and sustainably in the interests of society.


Self-limitation in product design.

In general, we exclude investments in companies that manufacture anti-personnel mines or cluster ammunition for our entire product range. In addition, we do not issue any products that reflect the price development of staple foods.

100 %


DekaBank has had a sustainability filter since mid-2014, which is used in 100 percent of Treasury's new investments. DekaBank is one of the few systemically important banks in Europe and Germany that have implemented ethical criteria for their own investments.

Sustainability ratings of DekaBank

MSCI Rating AA

sustainalytics 83
(#11/407) „Leader“

oekom Rating
C+ (prime)

imug Rating
Positive BB



Stand: MSCI: 12.5.2017; sustainalytics: Nov 2017; oekom: 7.9.2016; imug: 23.12.2016 (Öffentliche Pfandbriefe positive B; uncovered bonds neutral CC; Hypothekenpfandbriefe positive BB)

Corporate Governance
Principles, measures, rights


Principles of voting policy at general meetings

For Deka Investment, the representation of the interests and voting rights of its fund investors vis-à-vis the stock corporations has a high priority. 


In the following document you will find the maxims according to which Deka Investment exercises the shareholder voting right in trust for its fund investors, either directly or through voting representatives. 


The principles include the extensive experience of Deka Investment as one of the major fund providers and shareholder representatives, and take the German Corporate Governance Code into account for responsible and sustainable value creation-oriented corporate governance and control.


Order acceptance times - Measures against time zone arbitrage

The Company will take appropriate action against time zone arbitrage for the investment funds it manages.

Suitable measures are, in particular, the proper determination of the order acceptance deadline. The time for the order acceptance deadline and the time of the evaluation are synchronized to the extent that a time zone arbitrage is not possible. This means that the date of the order acceptance deadline is prior to the valuation of the assets of the funds and is sufficient. For this purpose, the order acceptance times are determined for each fund, depending on the investment focus.

Dealing with money and rights of investors

The BVI's conduct of business rules set voluntary standards that go beyond the legal obligations of fund managers. They take account of their role as trustees, which places particularly high demands on behavior towards investors.
As a member of the BVI, Deka Investment GmbH undertakes to comply with the conduct of business rules as amended on 6 October 2016.