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Custodian Bank

Your funds should pay dividends.
So, we pay attention to all the regulations.

Special assets deserve special security. With over 50 years of experience and entrusted assets worth more than 212 billion euros, we are one of the leading German custodians.

Differentiating factors

DekaBank is one of Germany's leading custodian banks, drawing on more than 50 years of experience and managing over 212 billion euros of assets under custody. Our clients benefit from a long-established structure, demonstrated by our dependable service, standards of quality, innovation capability and low employee turnover. We are a sound, long-term business partner and an attractive choice in an environment of expanding legal requirements and increasing product complexity. Further, our global custodian partnership with J.P. Morgan enables us to support our clients in securities custody and administration worldwide.


212 billion euros of assets in custody in our custodian bank department.


There are approximately 70 employees in our custodian bank department.


On average, our employees in the custodian bank department have 13 years of professional experience.

"Security and service are the trademarks of DekaBank, the custodian. In addition to extensive control in the custody network, client reporting and additional services, such as securities lending, we also have the highest standards for transparency of costs."

Olaf Knoll

Head of Custodian Bank

Services provided

In our function as a custodian bank, we perform all custodial services for our clients, for their subsidiaries and for third-party asset managers. On a daily basis, we check the security prices, incurred fees and investment constraints of the investment funds entrusted to us, and we handle the settlement of all transactions. An outstanding feature of our service is the ‘Custodian Bank Investor Report’. This report is a consolidated, comprehensive presentation of all investment funds, direct investments and assets not under custody, including all costs. It provides you with the level of transparency to which we are committed.
Safekeeping of and services for your assets:


  • Regulatory control functions
  • Checking of investment limits and transactions requiring approval
  • Transactions in fund unit certificates
  • Securities account management / Securities settlement
  • Account services
  • Trading and brokerage
  • Securities lending
  • Reporting


Rüdiger Daberkow

Rüdiger Daberkow

(+49) 69 71 47 - 31 25

Antonio Agostinho

Antonio Agostinho

(+49) 69 71 47 - 31 27