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Asset Servicing

Your investments are global.
We keep them all in one place.

In complex situations, it pays to have a central platform. With our master funds, you can reduce the administrative expenses of your fund investments and benefit from our expertise as one of the largest fund companies.

Asset Servicing and Master Funds with Deka Investment

As the long-standing fund administrator for the DekaBank Group, we have extensive expertise both in the establishment and administration of funds and in cooperation with external asset managers and custodian banks. We offer our Asset Servicing clients access to the resources and capabilities of the DekaBank group and especially to those of Deka Investment, one of the largest investment companies in Germany. We are a reliable partner for our investors and deliver economies of scale and a consistently high level of quality.


93 billion euros in fund assets are administered within our Asset Servicing business.



579 segments, which are managed by different managers or consultants.



236 billion euros in fund volume are managed by the Deka Group.



1,133 Funds share the administrative costs - a clear advantage for our investors.


11 linked custodians offer individual choices for our customers.


92 linked external asset managers/consultants within the master KVG.

"More than just fund administration: The central Asset Servicing platform combines a wide range of products, performance measurement, risk control and reporting into one comprehensive support concept."

Matthias Schillai

Head of Asset Servicing

Client Servicing & Product Solutions

Deka Investments

Asset Servicing Deka Investments: Customer Structure

Source: DekaBank

Expertise in measuring risk and performance

Risk control and performance measurement are of critical importance for Asset Servicing. We have independent teams of experts for both.


Advanced risk assessment
Risk control is one of our core competencies. It is carried out by a team of over 40 specialists who are independent from portfolio management. Our experts ensure the continuous measurement, monitoring and assessment of significant risks while taking into consideration any legal requirements or contractual limitations.

Scalable performance attribution
We measure performance both in absolute terms and relative to a benchmark and calculate the performance attribution. More than 1,000 indices can be combined flexibly to create customised benchmarks. We calculate performance at the fund level using the BVI method. Performance indicators for countries or industries, maturities or rating classes are based on daily time-weighted returns for individual securities.

In-depth reporting system

Our standard and customised reporting gives a complete representation of all factors relevant to the decision-making process and meeting supervisory requirements.


We offer our investors a sophisticated reporting platform with flexible output formats and interfaces. The broad scope of reporting services is a particular strength of our company.

Special features of our reporting:


  • Creation of reports customised to individual parameters
  • Inclusion of direct investments
  • Risk reports
  • Interface solutions
  • Fulfilment of your specific reporting requirements

Comprehensive support concept

We follow a holistic approach in client support to ensure the satisfaction of our investors.


High quality standards
Two people are assigned to support each of our clients. The principle of dual control allows us to meet our quality standards and to provide continuous quality assurance.

Constant contact partners

Your personal client consultant is there to provide you with advice in all situations. Deputisation arrangements ensure continuous support by trusted contacts.
Extensive resources
In addition to our product specialists, all the capabilities of a large bank are placed at your disposal. For instance, you have access to our well-established expertise in economics, legal matters and product-related taxation.

Complementary services

Our Asset Servicing offers a range of additional services that can be combined flexibly.


Securities lending, transition management, asset liability studies and even fiduciary management can be combined to tailor a comprehensive service package to your individual needs. You can also just pick the service you want.
Overview of individual service components:


  • Securities lending
  • IFRS accounting
  • Overlay management
  • Transition management
  • Asset liability studies
  • Fiduciary management


Rüdiger Daberkow

Rüdiger Daberkow

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Antonio Agostinho

Antonio Agostinho

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